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Dinner Jacket Security Ltd, We look at Security from the perspective that matters, "yours" we are a Forward thinking, distinctive VIP Security Company providing a bespoke service to private corporate and public sectors. Our innovative approach to the provision of security is derived from over 30 years of industry experience. Including the London fashion show, National stadium events, Festival back stage hospitality, Close Protection of Foreign dignitaries, brand launches and weddings. We work to four core values underpinning our ethics experience operation and culture.


Our personnel are honest and trustworthy, and are dedicated to meeting clients needs. We recognise our reputation is the key to our ongoing success the Dinner Jackets does not compromise in its demand for total integrity.


Dinner Jacket Security work discreetly at prestige events, providing excellent. Constantly vigilant we deal with risks and issues before potential esculation


Dinner Jacket Security is Accredited with quality standard IS09001. The dedicated team is highly trained will evaluate and manage situations, lend assistance where required in order to make events more secure


Understanding our customers requirements is key to the effective delivery of our Service, we will design the solution to fit your brief, whether require a small, medium or large Event the Dinner Jackets Security offer a discreet and effective Security Presence.


We provide security to suit all occasions, with a total focus on the needs of our customers we ensure the Dinner Jackets add value to prestige and high profile events


Dinner Jackets Security offer a definitive Security Service using our 30 years industry experience to effectively manage Security at a wide range of hospitality events. We provide a complete range of services, keep you informed of current Security trends we are well respected reliable, trustworthy. Our immaculate presentation, approachability and thinking differently is key to our success


Close Protection Highly sought after service for the rich and famous. Dinner Jacket Security provides highly trained, well presented operatives for various Close Protection jobs. Visible or discreet protection offered depending on the individual(s) requirements. A service which Dinner Jacket Security makes personal with a unique take on Close Protection. Rich or famous, your safety is paramount to Dinner Jacket Security.


Hire TV and Film Security Staff Time is money on a film set, whether it is a Hollywood blockbuster or a TV commercial. Hiring TV and film security at locations across the UK is important. At Dinner Jackets Security Staff, we provide the solutions you need. We communicate closely with producers, location managers and the film crew so that locations, facilities and equipment remain secure. This means you can continue to work uninterrupted and safely, confident that everything and everyone is safe and secure. We offer a range of services with our SIA licensed staff on hand to provide; • Round-the-clock security on film sets and location shoots • Traffic management – diverting traffic, monitoring vehicles accessing the site whilst ensuring emergency vehicles access remains compliant with current legislation • Crowd management, including monitoring of general public gathering to watch • Site patrols, including monitoring the perimeter • Surveillance of the entire site, including anti-paparazzi • Secure VIP areas Close protection work We can also provide experienced SIA licensed close protection bodyguards for work on and around filming locations, including red carpet security. Our staff are happy to hire NDAs and understand the importance of confidentiality on set. Our experienced staff know how to act around celebrities and blend in if required so no one even knows they are there. Bespoke film and TV security solutions We provide the best in security solutions and services, which is why our clients come back to us time and time again. We provide bespoke security services with our SIA licensed personnel fully trained and insured. On request, we can also provide detailed biographies for team members assigned to you, so you can see you are getting the right people for the job. With female and male, SIA licensed guards and personnel, we are confident we can provide the detailed security solutions you need.


Exhibition and Conference Security The importance of professional exhibition and conference security cannot be underestimated, neither can a diverse approach to ensuring that your venue, attendees, staff and delegates are safe. However, at the root of all security assignments is the professionalism of the event security personnel. When you come to Dinner Jacket Security Staff, one of the UK’s leading security event companies, you are assured of the best service, every time. And that’s why corporate clients, exhibition organisers and event managers come back to us time and time again. Bespoke Show and Exhibition Security Every event is different which is why we don’t offer off-the-shelf security solutions. A bespoke exhibition and conference security package ensures that your event runs smoothly, from start to finish. Our security guards and personnel are highly-trained with many years of experience providing security at a range of different exhibitions and conferences at venues across the UK. With a wide range of expertise securing all kinds of exhibitions, conferences and trade shows, we offer a range of security solutions and options; • Static and mobile event security guards and personnel • Effective crowd control • Looking after your stand overnight to ensure your property is safe • Checking in guests and attendees • Mobile guards and plain-clothed security personnel who mingle with attendees and delegates on the exhibition floor and in conference facilities As well as being SIA licensed, many of our security staff carry additional training and qualifications including first aid, health and safety, and emergency procedures and protocols. Responsive Event Security When Its Needed We don’t like to think the worst could happen but there are times when incidents and emergencies occur. And when they do, you need an event security team that can be relied upon to deliver the responsive service you need. At Dinner Jacket Security Staff, we provide insured, SIA licensed guards and security personnel at exhibition halls and conference venues across the UK.


Event Security Staff We have been working in the event industry for over 30 years and provide SIA Licensed experienced staff.  These services include, and certainly not limited too :- Event security Event traffic marshals Event car parking staff Security supervisors Event cleaning Event staff: Customer service, Age verification, Ticket takers Event access control Event labour hire – general labourers Valet parking We supply our event security guards with whatever you require including two-way radios and professional uniforms with Hi-Vis vest. We can also provide experienced supervisors for large events and will manage the staff onsite and deliver briefings. Security Staff Uniform Our team can be dressed in our Dinner Jacket Suit, casual attire or plain black uniform depending on client needs.  We can also get Hi-Viz vests printed with your company name or logo on the back.  Our staff can be visible or blend into the background. We also provide security guards for: Events Concerts Public events Store openings Display homes Private parties Personal protection WeddingsTV and Film Sets Our other related services include: Traffic controllers Crowd controllers Event staff Car Park Staff Mobile patrols What is your Security Event Staff Selection Process? Event security is a highly skilled occupation and one that demands great skill and ability.  All of Dinner Jackets Security Staff event security team members are screened and vetted prior to deployment.  We check their badges and ensure their SIA Licence is up to date and still valid.  Each person is not only assessed on their ability to perform the duties you have booked them for but also that they can communicate clearly and effectively.  They must have good customer service skills and be well presented. Security Training Not only are our staff licensed but everyone who works in our office has also had a full security services induction.  This two day course ensures that everyone in our office from the person who answers the phone to our Operations Manager fully understand what is required of the security personnel we provide.  Also enables us to make the best decisions should there be a difficult situation. Looking for Event Security Staff? When it comes to event, festival and show security,  we pride ourselves on our in-house systems and make sure we book the security staff who best match your needs.  With experienced Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed security guards you can relax knowing we will take care of your event security needs. Our event security personnel can multi task so it may be that they manage the car park in the morning then move onto another area later in the day.  They are there from the time you book them from.  They are also experienced in helping to set up and pack down events. Some of the types events we have provided security and event staff for :- Wedding Security Motorsport Event Security & Marshals Corporate Event Security Sporting Event Security and marshals including various cycling events Festival Security Charity Event Security Exhibition and Conference SecurityPrivate Party Security


Crowd Management from Dinner Jacket Security Staff At Dinner Jacket Security Staff, we provide a crowd management planning service for managing crowds at events under normal and emergency conditions. Our plans are event specific, taking into account your audience demographic, any historical incidents, available space, forecasted numbers attending and other factors that affect the safety and management of crowds. We are qualified and highly experienced, having worked with event organisers at some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals and events. Our solutions promote safe and effective crowd control and management but are also cost-effective. Crowd Management and Control Tactics There are many aspects that affect how people react and respond to certain situations. By identifying these ‘trigger points’, we can create solutions that minimise their effect. A detailed crowd management plan, for example, may include; Liaising with emergency services, police, local authority and other stakeholders in your event Effective queue management An on-site crowd management advisor from Dinner Jacket Security Staff A detailed crowd control risk assessment Evacuation planning Crowd profiling A flow rate analysis Pre-event security checks Briefings and debrief Security and Crowd Management Overall, the event organisers have the responsibility of ensuring the event is safe and crowds are managed when they enter the venue, whilst at the event and as they leave too. As a security company, we believe that crowd management is an integral part of the security services that we offer. With SIA licensed security personnel offering a wide range of experience, we understand the importance of effective and proactive crowd control is at an event. We look at all aspects and factors that affect your event, from the local topography, transport hubs, the road network, as well as the venue itself alongside the effects of temporary structures on the flow and behaviour of people. Safe AND Secure At Dinner Jacket Security Staff, we want your event to run smoothly, and that means safety and security working together. We develop a crowd management plan – or we can be part of a crowd management plan – that sets out how groups of people will be managed at your event under normal or typical conditions, and under emergency conditions too. We have supplied security and crowd management personnel at indoor and outdoor events at venues across the country. From music festivals to motorsport events, we ensure people’s safety getting into the venue, whilst at the event and as they leave too. With thousands of SIA licensed personnel covering the whole of the UK, our service is cost-effective, personal and bespoke.


Wedding Security Dinner Jacket Security Staff provide fully trained, SIA licensed security staff and personnel for a range of functions at venues throughout the UK, including weddings. Enjoy a perfect wedding day Every couple deserves to enjoy a wedding day full of love and laughter. With so much thought, time, energy and preparation behind your day, you want safeguards in place to make sure that your wedding goes to plan, from start to finish. We work with you to create a truly bespoke wedding security package. Our SIA licensed staff will be unobtrusive on your big day but perform a range of functions that ensure your day goes off without a hitch. Why is wedding security needed? Larger weddings are common and with so many family members, friends and guests gathered at a venue, there are both security and logistical issues that need solving. Wedding security is a must for large-scale nuptials, especially for celebrities and other prominent members of society. But our security staff also provide solutions to logistical problems too. At Dinner Jacket Security Staff, our team are on hand to provide a quick, response to diffuse potentially dangerous situations, to protecting valuables to ensuring that only those with an invite attend your big day and celebrations.  We also hire event staffshould you need personnel to help in other areas. Ever-vigilant, our discreet team will make sure that every guest enjoys themselves. Bespoke Wedding Security We provide a number of services, a combination of which we can provide on your big day; • First aid • Health and safety, including ongoing risk assessment • Evacuation and emergency planning and procedures • Control access to your wedding celebrations, including evening reception • Front of house security • Open-air security techniques, perfect for summer weddings • Incident reports • Liaise with emergency services, if needed Say ‘I do’ with Dinner Jacket bespoke wedding security


Security You have been planning your party for some time and the guests are invited. Everything is ready – the food, the entertainment and the music. There is just one more thing: private party security. From a wild 18th birthday bash to celebrating a birthday milestone,  to a wedding or a company party security is important for so many reasons. But essentially, it is the lynchpin of a celebration that runs smoothly from start to finish. When it comes to hosting a party, it pays to be prepared. At Dinner Security Staff, we understand that you want your party to be the best it can be, with guests talking about what a great time they had for weeks to come! But you want them to be talking about it for all the right reasons and that’s where our bespoke private party security service comes in. What is private party security? It can be what you want it to be! We don’t offer off-the-shelf packages because every party is different. From different venues to the size of the guest list, to the party services a host wants and needs, we offer a truly tailored approach to planning the security for your glitzy celebration. At Dinner Jacket Security Staff, we provide SIA licensed personnel as; • Front of house security – ensuring that only invited guests enjoy the party you are hosting • Static security – this means always having personnel at fixed points from the start to the end of your party • Mobile security – our staff can mingle with guests, checking key areas throughout the party ensuring everyone is safe • Crowd control – for larger parties, crowd control and monitoring are essential. We spot and diffuse potential problems quickly, minimising disruption for your guests • Emergency planning and evacuation – should the worst happen, our staff are trained and briefed on what to do • Liaise with emergency services – parties can often be a concern for local police but with our SIA licensed personnel and fully insured private party security services, there is no need to worry Enjoy your party with Dinner Jacket Security Staff We work with and are trusted by top companies and brands at events all over the UK to deliver high-quality security services – and you can trust us to do the same for you. Our security personnel are discreet and professional, as well as experienced, trained and insured. All this adds up to peace of mind that your guests will be safe and looked after. And that means that you can get on and do what you planned to do – be a great host and enjoy your party! We love a good party so why not add the Dinner Jackets to your guest list!


Estate security and residential security teams (RST) Dinner Jackets are Security has a proud history of working with estates and heritage sites, providing tailored residential security services including gate duty, internal patrols, incident response, CCTV monitoring and systems maintenance. We recognise that security is often the first impression at such locations, so carefully select and vet our officers to ensure they combine police or military experience with first-class communication skills. Alongside this, our teams are experienced at building a professional rapport with other on-site workers such as events, housekeeping, maintenance and gardening staff.


Hotel security services – keep property and guests safe and secure at hotels and golf courses Dinner Jackets Security Solutions provide hotel and golf course security.  Our security services include reception duties, large open area security management, building management, private parties and events. Hotel Security Services Our reception security will ensure that your guests receive the best customer service.  Our guard dogs are a great deterrent to mindless damage and theft for larger facilities or areas of open ground.  Our security officers are highly experienced in being helpful and making your guests feel welcome and safe. Our hotel security officers are experienced in working at high profile events where security is often the first point of contact. We understand the importance of creating excellent first impressions and offer a high level of customer service. Let Dinner Jackets Security Solutions manage your hotel security. Golf Club Security Services Golf clubs have bespoke security needs due to the nature and remoteness of their facilities.  Trespass is common and golf clubs can be an easy target for people intent on accessing facilities that are often not overlooked. Let Dinner Jackets Security Solutions manage your golf club security.


Independent Schools and Colleges Security Maintaining a safe and secure environment is central to any school or college. Dinner Jackets Security Solutions are specialists in providing top quality security services for independent schools and colleges, thus enabling students and staff to work and study without disruption. Our fully trained security teams are highly experienced in providing security services for independent schools and colleges across the south and North of England and Scotland. We can provide 24-hour protection 365 days per year.  We provide specific security services to the exact requirements of your educational establishment. Dinner Jackets Security will create comprehensive and detailed assignment Instructions.  Your security officers will be fully trained and briefed on the actions you wish them to take in response to an incident or alarm.  Officers can also monitor fire alarms and carry out evacuation plans in an out of hours emergency. Their presence also minimises the potential risk of theft or property damage. Our officers are friendly and approachable and are fully-trained and supplied with the necessary security equipment and safety devices.  Every Dinner Jackets Security employee who works directly with young people has undergone enhanced DBS (CRB) checks and receives child protection awareness training.


Security Guarding how safe is your property. Security guarding and safeguarding private residences, commercial properties and country estates is essential in today’s environment where crime and anti-social behaviour are more of an issue than ever. The rise in theft and mindless damage is not only harmful financially, but may damage reputations when clients are let down or events are disrupted and even cancelled. Crime in the home is even more distressing, with people often feeling unsafe in their own home following a break-in or vandalism.  It is often impossible to replace family heirlooms and keepsakes and, whilst these items are priceless to their owners, the insurance valuations do not take this into account. Security Guarding – for your staff or family protection Staff are often threatened nowadays in the workplace and can feel vulnerable when employers make no provision for their safety.  Dinner Jackets Security Solutions fully understands the importance of keeping people and property safe and secure. In fact, we are experts in doing just that! Talk to us about providing you with the appropriate level of protection and security for your business, private residence or estate. No two security provisions are ever the same, so allow us to make a risk assessment and gather your requirements before proposing the best security provision to meet those requirements.


Luxury Retail Guarding As the first person to be seen at your door, Security personnel must be courteous, professional and discreet. Ultimately providing you the assurance that your clients, employees, business and profit are protected. That’s why we go to the highest level for recruiting, training, operational management and service delivery. After a full assessment, we develop a comprehensive Security Plan which includes bespoke information relevant to your specific site. Our Security Management Team works with you to achieve outstanding results – we understand Luxury Retail better than any other provider. What is Luxury Retail Guarding? Luxury Retail Guarding is a manned security service for high-end retail outlets. This manned service is designed to protect staff and deter crime whilst representing the high standards of the client brand at all times. This allows customers to feel welcomed and protected and allows staff to be able to fulfil their roles to the best of their ability without the additional concern of security. Why choose Dinner Jackets Security? have been specialist providers of Luxury Retail Guarding for over 30 years delivering exemplary guarding and service for our luxury retail clients. All of our security guards are highly experienced in dealing with the public offering a friendly and approachable client experience to make your establishment an inviting, safe place to be. Success is achieved because our team is highly motivated – we love what we do and work nonstop to deliver excellence. Our unique approach ensures a solid foundation to give you outstanding results, proven by our reputation. For more information you can reach us on 01582658258.


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